About Me

Hi, I’m Samara and I believe living in your authentic truth, 

I am personable, honest, trustworthy and laid-back, I am known to those around me as having a warm healing energy which makes it easier for them to open up and talk to me about anything, which makes me a pretty good fit for a life coach. I have trained to be a fully Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and i’m also a Certified Practitioner of NLP Coaching.

Life is like one big jigsaw, i will help you lay out all of the pieces then help you overcome them step by step in looking at the bigger picture. 

It all starts from within, once you are fully aligned with your body, mind and soul that is where you find peace, having peace gives you the sense of power you can use throughout your life which will guide you to make the best choices for you. it’s okay to be vulnerable, it’s not a weakness, everyone at some point in their life will visit old wounds from past traumas to help break through old patterns and cycles. 

Allowing yourself to know the truth can unlock you, allowing yourself to speak the truth can open the door, embodying that truth can set you free, which simply just feels amazing. 

Finding Yourself Isn’t Selfish

Filling your own cup first is not being selfish, it simply means you have more love to give others without leaving yourself out.

I work with clients, privately, typically in a 10 month journey. Together , we will determine what is right for you, 

As a private client, each session is unique to you, we dive deep into what you bring to the table and find what is at the root of where you may be stuck in your life, and what you desire most. As you experience breakthroughs in these sessions, you will also receive tools to take consistent action, allowing for transformation to happen.

I haven’t experienced your personal story but know that I’ve been to the bottom, uncovered my highest self, and can now claim my purpose daily and shine. I believe you can too, let’s do this together.

I see you and I’m here to hold a sacred space for your transformation. As a coach and client, together, we embark on a journey to find and uncover what is blocking you from living the life you so desire to live and break through those blocks to the freedom and light on the other side.

We uncover beliefs and patterns in your life that are ready to be shifted, so you can create and experience your life from your highest light and a place of authenticity. Throughout this process, you apply consistent action towards these breakthroughs, which is what ultimately allows for transformation to occur.

My aim is to get you to the sun, the sun shines bright and no one can dim your light.